Diary: My entire family disowned me

I admit that I am insufferable at best. I’m guarded, I’m suspicious, I’m untrusting, I’m anal, I’m condescending, I’m pretentious, I’m hyperbolic, I’m pretentious enough to say I’m hyperbolic, I’m prideful, I’m petty, I’m unforgiving, I’m relentless, I’m impulsive, I’m too analytical but also too eccentric, I easily disregard people I don’t like, I’m manipulative, I have no mercy,  I’m independent, I’m a burden, I’m everything you could hate.

This is something I didn’t know I wanted

I love Tumblr. I love the discourse. I love people pointing out ableism to me that I hadn’t been aware I was angry about. There is a trend to make a pride flag for each individual marginalized group that falls under what people refer to as the LGBT/LBGTQ/LGBTQIA+/MOGAI/GSM etc. communities, the flags a derivative of the official…… Continue reading This is something I didn’t know I wanted

Diary: Happy birthday!

I’m the one that says “I don’t like fancy dates, just some take-out and a movie is okay with me!”

I’m like a golem, if you follow me I’ll lead you to a man in a khaki sweater.

Diary: First

He cut me off screaming that i was lying and assuring me that I was completely unrapeable. I said, “if you’re going to continue to yell this conversation is over” and he screamed, “I’m not going to stop yelling” so I said “this conversation is over”