Cpunk of August 2018


Disabled children waiting too long for NHS wheelchairs

‘I never feel safe’: meet the people at the very sharpest end of the housing crisis – disabled millennials

Report shows LGBTI people with disability experience higher rates of discrimination

The ADA is being used to disenfranchise minority voters

Disabled LGBT+ young people face a battle just to be taken seriously

Queer Crips: Reclaiming Language

Trump’s Public-Charge Rule Would Threaten Disabled Immigrants’ Health and Safety – Center for American Progress

Disabled teens suffering the mental health effects of bullying

Eco-Ableism: What It Is, Why It Matters and How It Affects Disabled People – Eco Warrior Princess

What Does ‘Normal’ Mean When You Live With A Disability?

Fans outraged as Australian Survivor amputee eliminated by Champions

Does the universal symbol for disability need to be rethought?

Disabled at periphery of opportunities

Backlash after the Nation apologises for publishing controversial poem

Amber Leigh Tatro, disabled student who won landmark Supreme Court case, dies at 42

Director of Skowhegan’s center for disabled children seeks OK to carry gun

Investing in entrepreneurs with disabilities – Boston Business Journal

Call for mandatory ethnicity and disability pay gap reporting

Disabled sit-in over directorate

Online education is a disability rights issue; let’s treat it that way

BBC’s The Elephant Man drama attacked for casting non-disabled Stranger Things star in lead role

People with disabilities face significant barriers in education, rights commission says

Disabled activists launch legal fund to take transport companies to court

Referee Bobby Madley forced to quit after ‘mocking’ disabled man in Snapchat post

Superhero Movies Should Stop Using Disabilities as Problematic Plot Devices

Disabled adults’ employment increased after states expanded Medicaid, study shows

Woman says people think she doesn’t have sex because she has cerebral palsy

More disabled-friendly facilities needed in commercial centres

CDC: A Quarter of US Adults Living with a Disability

Are women with disabilities second class citizens?

Why are we still excluding disabled people from society?

Accessibility must be more than an add-on to online pedagogy

Your Thinking Is Probably Ableist, & Kayla Whaley’s Writing Will Help You See That

Nearly half of disabled people feel excluded from society

It isn’t a wheelchair that makes my life disabled, it’s buildings without ramps

How To Have A Meaningful Conversation About Disability At Work

Feeling free: Adaptive rowing allows the disabled a chance to relax on the water

Most People Are Discomfited By Disability – It Reminds Them Of Their Own Vulnerability

Honeyed words do nothing to curb prejudice against the disabled

The misguided ‘superhuman’ archetype hurts all disabled sport and does not inspire a new generation of Paralympians

Children and Women with Disabilities, More Likely to Face Discrimination

What I learnt from an exhibition about design for the disabled

Learning disability care could return to ‘Victorian era’ because of nurse training cuts, experts warn


The economics of disability

“99% Feelings, 1% Water” – An Interview w/ Rachael Rose

That Time I had REALLY Good Sex as a Queer Cripple

A Chat with Pleasure Professional Eva Sweeney

Catching up with Amin Lakhani

What if…a classic rom-com had a Disabled Character Part 1

Vicki D’Avanzo, Stellar Support Services

The Launch of the Disability Collection

Mission of Audio Eye Inc.

Mission of Disability:IN

Disabled Inventors

Disabled Refugees

How not to teach your girlfriend about being deaf

OCD: It’s not just about washing your hands

My son jammed his leg in a wheelchair

Passionately kissing your ‘mum’ to prove a point


Added to pins



A Position in Paris: A gay romance set in 1919 by Megan Reddaway
keywords: romance, historical, gay, amputee, disfigured, physically disabled hero
Setsuko & the Seven Samurai (Good Tales For Bad Dreams Book 4) by V.M. Sawh
keywords: fairytales retold, WOC protagonist, physically disabled heroine
Flawless: A Valkyrie’s Tale (Ancient Realms Book 4)
by A.J. Flowers
keywords: fantasy, YA, sight impairment, disabled heroine

Chance for Rain: A Novel  by Tricia Downing
keywords: romance, contemporary, mutate, physically disabled heroine
The Duke With the Dragon Tattoo (Victorian Rebels) 
by Kerrigan Byrne
keywords: historical romance, mutate, physically disabled heroine
Silent Burn (Sign of Love Series Book 1)
by Tonya Clark
keywords: romance, contemporary, deaf, disabled heroine
Mission Clockwork Complete Boxed Set  
by Arthur Slade
keywords: steampunk, fantasy, disfigured, physically disabled hero
My Dear Branson (Baker Street Legacy Book 1)
by Gail R. Delaney
keywords: romance, suspense, contemporary, death, disabled heroine
Unexpected Sensations (MF, Second chance at love)
by Bella Cooper
keywords: romance, contemporary, comedy, PTSD, scars, physically disabled heroine
Brave Enough
by Kati Gardner
keywords: romance, YA, contemporary, cancer, disabled hero, disabled heroine
Synthesis:Weave Kindle Edition
by Rexx Deane
keywords: sci-fi, physically disabled hero
by Mark Ahern
keywords: suspense, war, physically disabled hero
The Bypass
by Michelle Rabot
keywords: romance, contemporary, mutate, physically disabled hero
Fairest Son Kindle Edition
by H. S. J. Williams
keywords: fairytales retold, fantasy, romance


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