Cpunk of July 2018


Starbucks Bans Plastic Straws, Winds Up Using More Plastic

Lingerie brand Aerie celebrates people with disabilities in inclusive campaign

Coronation Street star Cherylee Houston reveals shocking disability slur she received in the street

Half of dealing with a disability is the feedback

Walgreens scores 100 percent on Disability Equality Index

MetLife Named one of the Best Places to Work for Disability Inclusion

Making the web easier to access for people with disabilities

High Schoolers Are Calling For A National Disability History Museum By Making Their Own

My academic supervisor bullied me for my disability – and I said nothing

Judge Allows Electric Shocks On Those With Disabilities To Continue

Frida Kahlo Was a Communist, So Stop Capitalizing Off Her Likeness

Parents of disabled daughter consider divorce to qualify for Medicaid

For Disabled People Like Me, Summer Is A Stark Reminder Of Obstacles Standing In Our Way

Four airports found to be failing disabled passengers

How disabled travellers finally stopped being ignored – thanks to a company you might not expect

6 plays by deaf and disabled playwrights in Seattle

As Dwayne Johnson and Joaquin Phoenix Play Disabled Roles, An Overlooked Community Debates Representation

Hollywood’s Misunderstanding of Disability

ASOS Collaborated With A Para-Athlete To Create A Festival Outfit For Wheelchair Users

Maysoon Zayid Is the Most Fearless Comic Alive

Archbishop Justin Welby: I don’t pray for my daughter’s disability

How are disabled fans finding accessibility in Russia?

I rely on plastic straws and baby wipes. I’m disabled – I have no choice

Remembering Gang of 19 Forty Years After Denver Protests Changed Accessibility

The challenges faced by doctors with disabilities

Paralympian Liam Malone ticketed for using disability parking space

Everything You Need to Know About DJ Euphoric

Models including a 59-year-old and a disabled star strip down to their lingerie for a new campaign to celebrate diversity

Frida Kahlo Is An Enduring Inspiration For Women Of Color, The Disabled Community, And All Humans

The secret world of disabled gamers

Gay Disabled Man is Raising Money to Develop Sex Toys for People with Physical Disabilities

Accessible games can “mean the difference between existing and living” for disabled people

Disability and the Right to Marry

Death of a Disabled Hero

‘Unfriended: Dark Web’ Joins ‘A Quiet Place’ in Revealing the Horrors of Ableism

10 Stereotypes People Believe About Disabled Parking


Hexborn (The Hexborn Chronicles Book 1) by A.M. Manay
Keywords: YA, fantasy, physically disabled heroine
Face Your Fears Kindle Edition by Bill Mathis
Keywords: romance, gay, quadriplegic
Drawing On Love (A SAFE Security Trilogy: Jesse and Jessica Book 1) by Michele Zurlo
Keywords: Romance, BDSM, physically disabled heroine
Dragon School: Dire Quest by Sarah K. L. Wilson
keywords: YA, fantasy, physically disabled heroine
TWO HEARTS IN ACCORD by Tamara Ferguson
Keywords: Romance, thriller, physically disabled heroine, physically disabled hero
WHAT STELLA SEES: A Novel by Sarah Kornfeld
Keywords: Romance, fantasy, physically disabled heroine, physically disabled hero
WHAT STELLA SEES: A Novel by Sarah Kornfeld
Keywords: Romance, suspense, disfigurement, speech impediment, physically disabled heroine
Silent Burn (Sign of Love Series Book 1) by Tonya Clark
Keywords: Romance, comedy, deaf heroine
His Steamy Summer by Xander Collins
Keywords: Romance, fantasy, gay, omegaverse, mpreg, physically disabled hero
Fallout Girl: A Romantic Suspense Novel (Hollywood Lights Series Book 5) by Katie Rose Guest Pryal
Keywords: Romance, BPD, ND heroine
Dawn of the Shaman (Shaman Wars Book 1) by Cait Ashwood
Keywords: fantasy, adventure, blind hero
Engraved on the Heart by Tara Johnson
Keywords: Romance, historical, Christian fiction, interracial romance, epilepsy, physically disabled heroine
Courting Light by A. Zukowski
Keywords: Romance, YA, autism, ND hero



Disability after Dark: “Elisa and The Fishman” – A Review of “The Shape of Water”

Disability Matters: Andy Imparato with the AUCD

If the shoe fits…

Disabled People in STEM


Film Criticism

The Honorable Tony Coelho and the Anniversary of the ADA

Sex, disability, parents, and the media and consent

Becoming comfortably autistic – an interview with Alex Haggard

What’s my disabled body doing? An interview with sex educator Eva


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