Cpunk News week 1 of July 2018


Marvel’s ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp’ and Hollywood’s Misunderstanding of Disability

How Dwayne Johnson Adapted To Playing Disabled In ‘Skyscraper’ (gross, fuck him)

ASOS Collaborated With A Para-Athlete To Create A Festival Outfit For Wheelchair Users

Maysoon Zayid Is the Most Fearless Comic Alive

Archbishop Justin Welby: I don’t pray for my daughter’s disability

How are disabled fans finding accessibility in Russia?

I rely on plastic straws and baby wipes. I’m disabled – I have no choice

Remembering Gang of 19 Forty Years After Denver Protests Changed Accessibility

The challenges faced by doctors with disabilities

Paralympian Liam Malone ticketed for using disability parking space

Everything You Need to Know About DJ Euphoric

Models including a 59-year-old and a disabled star strip down to their lingerie for a new campaign to celebrate diversity

Frida Kahlo Is An Enduring Inspiration For Women Of Color, The Disabled Community, And All Humans

The secret world of disabled gamers

Gay Disabled Man is Raising Money to Develop Sex Toys for People with Physical Disabilities

Accessible games can “mean the difference between existing and living” for disabled people


Fav Tweet

hello! are you someone who is not chronically ill? here’s a brand new challenge! ready? here we go: when someone mentions their chronic illness, DON’T RECOMMEND ANYTHING TO THEM. not diet. not exercise. not a book, a doctor, or a blog. zero recommendations!


Author: gimpunk

Born with MD; developed, osteoporosis, IBS, PTSD, depression. Sole caretaker of mother with aggressive Alzheimer's. Stereotypical millennial queer. Unpaid indie writer (Terminally Beautiful, Loath Letters, Accessible Love Stories) currently on a break, trying to stay out of a home.

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