Being Disabled And Unconditionally Rejected in Higher Education

Without Ritual, Autonomous Negotiations

At some institutions of higher education, faculty who are not perfectly able-bodied are effectively barred from even stepping on campus. Such practices—on top of the already-difficult job market and added to the ubiquity of microaggressions directed toward us crip people—automatically move some of society’s most educated people into the stack of unconditionally rejected applicants.        

In addition to the requisite educational requirements for a given position, some colleges demand applicants possess no bodily “defects.” For example, Brazosport College specifically requires that its faculty and staff meet certain “Physical Demands.” The ability to hear, see, sit, stand, talk, and walk are required. Potential faculty, according to job advertisements since 2011, must also have able-bodied fine dexterity and the ability to carry and to reach. Specific positions often add to these the ability to drive, to lift, to kneel, to crouch, to twist, to climb, to run, to balance, and other…

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Author: gimpunk

Born with MD; developed, osteoporosis, IBS, PTSD, depression. Sole caretaker of mother with aggressive Alzheimer's. Stereotypical millennial queer. Unpaid indie writer (Terminally Beautiful, Loath Letters, Accessible Love Stories) currently on a break, trying to stay out of a home.

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