Closing the Doors of Opportunity: A First-Hand Account of Ableism in Tech

Disability Remix Blog

The following post is part of a series released by “Students for Access,” a summer initiative to capture and share disability experiences from inside Silicon Valley. This account of discrimination, an unfortunate reality for many, is provided anonymously due to the risks of exposing such information. 

By: Danny Thomas Vang

“It went from making threats, then I called them out on those threats, then the managers told the company that they never threatened me and here is how much of a horrible worker I am, and then I caught them in the lie. The atmosphere was thick with tension and there was complete silence in the office.  After months of dialogue about the discrimination present in my work environment and the inaction of human resources, I rolled into the room and sat across from representatives of the company and their legal counsel.  A check was slid across the table and…

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