Sometimes I hate neurologically divergent people

Solidarity and all that, especially because I have yet to see someone who is chronically ill not have at least depression and anxiety so none of us are neurologically typical, Karen.

It’s been an issue not just with NDs but people with invisible disabilities as well.

Fuck you Gemma


This is disgusting and ableist.

Mental illness may feel like that to you but that’s because you’re fucking ignorant. In what world is this comic hypothetical?

When you are in a wheelchair people tell you you are faking it, that you should try harder, you should pray harder, you should just try standing/walking/whatever more, you are lazy, you’ve given up, using a wheelchair is what makes you need a wheelchair somehow, etc. etc.

If you have a mental illness and aren’t in a wheelchair I don’t really expect you to know this because you have able-bodied privilege.

Here’s the thing… You have to admit to having able-bodied privilege because that’s your only excuse with getting away with this shit.

You are the reason these things continue to be said to us. If you have passing privilege you’re the only one people will actually listen to and so if you aren’t using a wheelchair then shut the fuck up about them.

I was rewatching Jem and the Holograms and didn’t remember this episode so it took me by such surprise I kind of teared up so I thought I would post it. I knew the character was getting a miracle cure in the end, especially since her only gimmick is to dance and the budget could hardly cover her hair, but a scene in which an AB acts like an AB is very rare; he is blind which people keep pointing out even though it has absolutely no bearing.




To see this gross thing that’s happened to me all throughout my life happen to a protagonist character who doesn’t react like a trope. She was annoyed and he made her more annoyed. Spot on representation.

214,215 notes on Tumblr later (as of when I’m posting this) and it’s been completely hijacked by people making it about mental illness.

That wouldn’t bother me if

1. They didn’t keep making those shitty analogies about us

2. No, that first one is really the only problem I have

It’s not about mental illness. It isn’t. It can be likened unto mental illness and considering how rarely and bad mental illnesses are represented I’m cool with sharing but only if you’re responsible with it.

Throwing us under the bus to gain the favor of NTABs is the most disgusting thing we could do to each other so stop doing it.

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